Spring Cleaning

We have had a long and difficult winter this year and now we’re all looking forward to a beautiful spring and summer. One of our spring rituals is spring cleaning. Because apartments aren’t as large as houses spring cleaning is much easier.

After being shut in for 5 months that is no easy task. Your home likely hasn’t had a good cleaning and the air is full of mildew and lingering musty odours. Time to open those windows and let the fresh air and sunshine in.

It’s time to bring out those rubber gloves, grab some rags and cleaning supplies, and get started cleaning using these tips.

Your bathroom likely needs your attention first. The best tools are a diluted chlorine bleach and water solution, gloves and rags. Spray or wipe the chlorine solution on the walls around your bathtub and inside the tub itself. The grout lines and caulking may be darkened by mildew stains and the chlorine will whiten them up. Spray the chlorine solution on the countertop and wipe off with a rag. Next attack the inside and outside of the toilet using the chlorine solution, a toilet brush and rags.

Vacuum and shampoo the carpets in all rooms to remove dust and freshen them up. Launder your drapes in cold water & mild soap to bring them back to life. Windows can be cleaned using a solution of vinegar & water. Dry the windows with newspaper or lint free cloth.

Next attack the kitchen counters using the chlorine solution and rags. Cupboards need a mild degreasing dish soap or a vinegar and hot water solution. Wash your vinyl floors and apply liquid wax to make them look new.

Your apartment should look and smell amazing after all this work. Now to relax with your favourite beverage and let the sun shine in.