Resident Manager Phone Numbers

1035 Powers Street Courtney   204-334-6235
R2V 2G7      
 1075 Andrews Street Courtney 204-334-6235
R2V 3J1      
311 Partridge Ave Courtney 204-334-6235
R2V 3M4
390 Partridge Ave Courtney and Kennie   204-334-6235
R2V 3H5
455 Leila Avenue Courtney   204-334-6235
R2V 1M2      
611 Jefferson Ave Rodolfo and Emily 204-339-4687
 R2V 0P4
1225 Jefferson Ave Roger   204-632-0535
R2P 0M3
1245 Jefferson Ave Ludy and Ivan   204-633-2265
R2P 0M3
15 Mandalay Drive Jennifer and Bill   204-633-1798
R2P 1V5
20 Pipeline Road TBA   204-633-0782
R2P 0K1
9 Mandalay Drive Mary and Alex   204-697-8484
R2P 1T9
234 Moray Street Teresa   204-831-6071
R3J 3A3
3233 Silver Avenue Maybelle and Louver   204-897-5503
R2Y 2H6      
66 Morrow Ave   204-221-9643
R2M 1A4  

Pre-Authorized Debit Form

Please print the Pre-Authorized Debit Form and return it to our office, preferably with a voided cheque attached.

Tenant Web Access

Tenants are encouraged to set up their Tenant Web Access account to make online payments and utilize other features.  Contact the office if you need help setting up your TWA account.

In Case of Emergency!

For Fire or Police, dial 911. For other emergencies, please contact your Resident Manager first. There are also phone numbers for on-call staff on your caretaker's suite door.

If you cannot reach your Resident Manager or on-call staff, please call the Kay Four Properties Office at 204-339-0461. Kay Four Properties has a paging system for after hours calls. Simply follow the call prompts for assistance. A service charge, for calls deemed a non-emergency by the Emergency Maintenance Manager, may apply. Emergencies that cannot wait until the next business day may include, but are not limited to, SMELL OF GAS, FLOODING and NO HEAT.

Privacy Policy - Kay Four Properties Inc.

Kay Four Properties Inc. understands the importance of your privacy and the sensitivity of your personal information. We are committed to protecting any of your personal information we hold. Our privacy policy outlines how we manage your personal information and safeguard your privacy. Our website (This Website | does not collect any personal information.

Our Staff

Senior Managers
Sam Katz, B.Sc.- CEO
Geoffrey Katz - President
Avrom Charach, BA, P Mgr, C Mgr, FCPA,  FCGA - Vice President, Finance and Administration
Murray S Greenfield, B Comm - Vice President, Property Management

Property Managers
Murray S Greenfield, B Comm
Trish Kirby

Junior Property Manager
Mark Brigydir

Leasing Agent
Mark Brygidir

Property Accountant
Sol R

Administrative Staff

Lynn F
Tammy R
Kira L
Destiny M

Lyle T
Mario T
Raphael R
Brett C
Greg S
Jeffrey A
Gerald C
Scott N