How to find the ideal apartment

Looking for the perfect place that has everything you need? What if you’ve found a couple of apartments that both seem like the best deal, and you can’t choose between them?

You’ll need to thoroughly compare them to find out which apartment is best suited to your lifestyle. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to apartment living. Here are few main points you can use to compare different places.


This is the biggest factor in your decision. What will you pay every month? Even if one place has a less expensive monthly rent, it may not include the cost of electricity and water, parking or cable TV. Most of our apartment rents are all inclusive ie they include all utilities like electricity, heat and water, cable TV and one parking spot. This saves you over $260 per month.  


You want to live in a place that’s comfortable. Most of our suites are up to 20% larger than standard apartments allowing you more space to decorate it like home and entertain your friends and family.


Most of apartment buildings have balconies. They allow you to enjoy the spring, summer and fall weather without leaving home.


How close by are schools, grocery stores, and restaurants. Our apartment buildings are strategically located near all of these. If you don’t have a car, most of our apartment buildings are located on a bus route. Our locations make living easier for you.

Heating and cooling systems

Most of our apartment buildings have clean electric baseboard heating with a separate thermostat in each room. That allows you to manage heat room by room in the winter months. We have air conditioning in all of our suites to keep you cool in the summer.


The world is becoming a more dangerous place. All of our buildings have intercom security systems and building entrance keys that can’t be duplicated. Both of these keeps you safer in our buildings.

Location, location, location
Where you live makes a difference. You want to live near conveniences like shopping centres and in areas with great schools. We have apartments in West Kildonan, The Maples, St. James, Garden City and St. Vital that all have great schools and...
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Suites and apartments
We have suites and apartments available in West Kildonan, Garden City, The Maples, St. James, and St. Vital. We have small one bedroom apartments (bachelor suites), extra large, 800 sq ft one bedroom suites and luxurious, 1,000 sq ft two bedroom...
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311 Partridge Ave
 311 Partridge Ave Located at the corner of Salter Street and Partridge Avenue, this six storey apartment building features a street level entrance and an elevator. These two features make it wheelchair accessible and provide easier access for...
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