Your bathroom or washroom is one of the most important rooms in your apartment. It’s important that you keep it clean but also inviting. It should be kept spotless and welcoming to you, your family and your guests. Here are some tips for doing so:

Cleaning products

You’re going to want to keep your washroom squeaky clean by cleaning and sanitizing it regularly. A combination of chlorine based and green cleaning products is your best choice. Using ammonia and hydrogen peroxide will also help in these tasks. Make sure that you never mix ammonia and chlorine products as that will create a dangerous chemical reaction. Sponges, clean clothes and a good toilet brush are essential to do a good job. Green products are usually sprayed on and then wiped off.

A drain snake or auger and a plunger

A clogged or slow draining toilet or basin drain line are more than a nuisance. They stop you from using your washroom properly. Purchase a good quality snake, one that will not damage the porcelain finish, but will open the plumbing line. Running the snake regularly in your toilet sewer line and in your basin drain line will keep fluids running smoothy. If a blockage does occur, you can generally clear it yourself by using the auger to break up the blockage or a plunger that forces the blockage though the pipes.

Odour neutralizer or air freshener

Your washroom has a ceiling exhaust that works when you turn on the fan or may work continuously if roof fans are installed in your building. A pump bottle air freshener will keep your washroom smelling fresh and eliminate odours while not harming the environment. You can also plug in air freshener dispenser that constantly freshens the air.

Decorate your washroom

Using a beautiful shower curtain will enhance the look of your washroom. It’s like hanging artwork in your washroom! It should be left open after you bath to allow it dry out but should be closed afterwards so that shower walls can then dry and then be partially reopened to show it off. Fluffy, good quality matching towels, made from absorbent cotton will not only dry you off better, but make your washroom look nicer.

A bathroom floor mat will feel good under your feet when you get out of the tub. But bathroom mats can trap moisture in your vinyl flooring and stain the floor. Never leave the mat on the floor all day and night. It’s important to fold the mat over the bathtub lip after you bath or shower to stop that stain from forming.