Winnipeg Winters Snow Clearing


Some people call it Global Warming. Some people call it Climate Change. The one thing that we can all agree upon is that each winter in Winnipeg is unique. Sometimes we get warm winters with tons of snow. Other years we have really cold winters with little snow. This winter we have had a real mix of conditions; really mild in November, tons of snow in December, really cold at the beginning of January and record setting warm in the second half of January. But the one thing that's common in each winter is snow. Sometimes fluffy, sometimes heavy, but it always snows.

Before it snows, we contact our snow clearing contractors to ensure that your parking lots are cleared as quickly as possible. The contractor clears a centre path the day of or day after each heavy snowfall so that you can get in or out of the parking lot. Then they come back and do a general cleaning of the lot. We'd like them to come back the day after the snowfall but the City of Winnipeg and commercial parking lots have first dibs on all the snow clearing equipment in Winnipeg. Once the main arteries of city streets are cleared the city releases some equipment and then your lots get cleared.

Snow clearing is a 24 hour a day process and we could arrange snow clearing after dark. But we don't like to disturb our tenants outside of business hours. We post signs a day or two before the general lot cleaning, asking tenants to move their cars out of the parking lots by 8 AM on the snow clearing day and not return them until they're cleared. The snow plows take much longer to clear the lots and don't do as good a job when there are cars left in the parking lot. Since we contract the snow clearing on an hourly basis (which is the least expensive way to do it), the longer it takes, the higher the bill. Since you ultimately pay that bill through your monthly rent, it makes good sense to move your car and keep this expense as low as possible. Once the lot is cleaned, you can move your car back into your assigned spot.

We hope that this blog helps you understand the complexity of what appears to be a simple task. As always, if you have a question about snow clearing, or any other concern, you can reach our office at 204-339-0461.