Get Rewarded


Who doesn't like to win the lottery. It's even better if you win the prize without ever having to enter a lottery or draw. And that's just the kind of reward that we are offering you.


We offer many rewards for living in a building that is owned and managed by Kay Four Properties. We offer a clean and comfortable living environment. We offer premium accommodations most with balconies, large suites and many buildings have all utilities, parking and cable TV included in the rent. We offer very good value for your rent dollar. We offer great community locations in nice neighbourhoods. Our properties are generally on bus routes and near to schools, parks and shopping to make your living experience even better. Living in a Kay Four Properties owned apartment means living in your home without the high cost of home ownership such as mortgage payments, property and school taxes, light, heat and water bills and ever increasing maintenance costs.


But now, we are offering you another reward for living with Kay Four Properties.


We are offering you a reward for referring your friends and family to live at one of our properties. Just have your friend or family member write your name, address and phone number in the "Comments section" on page 2 of their application form and that you referred them. Once they move into their own suite on a one year lease we will give you a cash reward of $100. Your odds of winning our cash rewards are much, much better than winning Lotto 649. You don't have to buy a ticket and all you have to do is live with us and have a friend or family member move into their own suite. What a sweet reward.