Pet Policy

Who doesn't love their pet puppy or kitten? Our family has owned a small dog for decades and it is part of our family. I joke with my wife that she takes better care of her dog better than she does of me.

We recognize that giving up a pet to move into an apartment is traumatic. We also understand that owning a pet is therapeutic for certain individuals. We are altering our pet policy in certain buildings and only on certain floors to allow pet owners easier access to our properties.

Only cats and small dogs will be allowed to live in our suites.

Cat qualify, but no more than 2 cats in a suite. Dogs qualify, but only 1 and must be under 25 lbs., quite and well behaved. Maximum of 2 pets in total in a suite allowed. No ferrets, rabbits, rodents nor animals that emit a strong odour. No lizards, no snakes, no cold-blooded animals. No dangerous animals. All pets other than cats or dogs require written permission from Kay Four Properties Inc and may require you to obtain tenant insurance and remain in good standing throughout your tenancy.  Of course, this list is subject to change.

Our apartment buildings that allow pets and qualifying floors are as follows:

St. Vital

 66 Morrow Ave

Pets allowed on all floors

West Kildonan

 455 Leila Ave

Pets allowed on the main and second floors only

 390 Partridge Ave

Pets allowed on the main and second floors only

 1075 Andrews St

Pets allowed on the main and second floors only

 1035 Powers St

Pets allowed on the main an second floors only

 311 Partridge St

No pet allowed

 611 Jefferson Ave 

Pets allowed on 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th floors

The Maples

 20 Pipeline Rd

No pets allowed

 1225 Jefferson Ave

No pets allowed

 1245 Jefferson Ave

No pets allowed

 9 Mandalay Dr

No pets allowed

 15 Mandalay Dr

No pets allowed

St. James

 3233 Silver Ave

Pets allowed on all floors

 234 Moray St

Pets allowed on all floors

The Residential Tenancies Act in Manitoba requires the tenant to make a Pet Deposit of one full month's rent before they bring a pet into their suite.

We are willing to help finance the Pet Deposit by allowing a tenant to pay the Pet Deposit over 5 months in 5 equal payments of 1/5 of the Pet Deposit amount. Please don't hesitate, Contact us today or you can go back and view our apartments and suites.

You will be required to sign a Pet Agreement that forms part of your lease agreement. We reserve the right to inspect suites with pets to ensure that the suite is being maintained in good condition and the pets aren't damaging the suite.

It is the tenant's responsibility to keep the suite clean and the tenant is responsible for any cleaning or damages resulting from housing a pet.

If tenants in surrounding suites are experiencing allergic reactions to the pet or complaining about the pet's behavior you will need to permanently remove the pet.