Kay Four Properties knows that we are the best choice for Winnipeg apartment rentals.  We have countless stories of small gestures by our staff which we never share but felt compelled to share an exceptional story from last week.  After reading this you will understand how much our team cares about the tenants who rent from us and why we are proud to call our staff the Kay Four Family.

A few days ago, Raphael, a maintenance team member was walking in the hallway at a building. He heard someone calling for help in their suite. He and another person investigated those calls and found the person in obvious distress. Raphael called 911 and waited for the ambulance to arrive.

This long term tenant is elderly and lives alone. His family called us this week and told us that the tenant had suffered a stroke and the hospital told them that Raphael’s quick action may have saved his life. That was the first we learned of this; Raphael did not look for recognition and when asked he said that “I was just doing my job”. What a selfless act of kindness.

We thank Raphael for his quick thinking and for going above and beyond for our tenants.