Day to day maintenance and repair

We like to spend money. But the money needs to be spent wisely in order to keep rent increases to a minimum. Most of the properties that we manage were built in the 1960's and 1970's. As you can imagine things that are 40 to 50 years old need to be repaired or replaced. As a good steward of these apartment properties our philosophy is to repair first, replace second. With a proper preventative maintenance program, we can extend the useful life of kitchen appliances beyond their manufacturers' expected life of 10- 12 years. The same holds true with light fixtures and kitchen and bathroom taps and piping and similar repairable assets.

We have a defined preventative repair program and replacement program. We also have a defined maintenance and replacement programs. Our tenants play an important role in maintaining their suites. Please vacuum and shampoo the carpets regularly to extend their useful life. Please let us know if your taps are leaking either above or below the sink (yes, look under the sinks for leaks). Please run the air conditioner only when the temperature is above 15C. Please let your resident manager or your property manager know if there is something in your suite or apartment building that is not working properly. Our maintenance staff would love to come fix it a small problem before it becomes a large problem.

We try to repair every reported problem within 48 hours of our office becoming aware of the issue. If you report a problem on a Monday, our staff will be at your suite no later than Wednesday to repair the issue. If they can't repair it that day, they will return soon afterwards and complete the repair.  Sometimes resident managers forget to tell us or our repair staff forget to complete the repair (they're only human after all) so please call our office to remind us that the work is finished. Sometimes a property manager forgets to record a reported problem so call her / him back within two days if maintenance staff don't attend. Sometimes maintenance forgets to correct a problem or thinks it has been fixed when it's not, so please call our office within a day or two to find out why it hasn't been repaired.

Good communication is important in all business processes and maintaining your suite is no different. Please let us know if something isn't right in your suite or apartment building and we will do our utmost to make it right.