We occasionally receive calls at our office about discoloured water from different areas of the city.  Although we are sympathetic to your concerns, we remind tenants that  this is a City of Winnipeg issue.   We have no control over city water resources and can do nothing about the discoloured water.   


The following excerpts come from the city's frequently asked questions (FAQ) on discoloured water found at:




Discoloured Water  

Discoloured water can result from routine operations and is not unique to Winnipeg. However, there was an unexpected increase in reports of discoloured water beginning in 2010.


Why is my water dirty or discoloured?

Dirty or discoloured water is from a change in flow of water in the system. This can cause sediment in the water pipes to loosen and be released into the water. The change of flow may be caused by water main breaks, firefighting or water main cleaning.


How long does discoloured water last?

Discoloured water usually doesn't last long. Work in the area may cause water to be discoloured for under an hour. A very large water main break may cause water to be discoloured for a couple hours. If your water isn't clear after two or three hours, contact 311.