Utilities typically include heat, electricity and water

Our apartments can be heated by electric baseboard heaters or natural gas fired hot water heaters

Either way, the cost of electricity and natural gas keeps rising. Manitoba Hydro supplies both the electricity and natural gas that is used to heat your buildings.

Manitoba Hydro keeps raising the price for both. (effective May 1/2022) Electricity keeps going up because Manitoba Hydro over built their capacity and is forcing Manitobans to pay the cost of their mistake.

Natural gas is a commodity and Manitoba Hydro purchases it in the market. The price of natural gas has almost doubled in 2021. Water is supplied by the city of Winnipeg and it includes the cost of sewage disposal. The city of Winnipeg has regularly raised the price of water due to higher sewage cleaning costs. We have seen regular increases of 12% per year, but recently the increase has been 5%.